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Hooked On Phonics - How To Improve School Grades with Hooked On Phonics Reading Systems

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Hooked On Phonics - How To Improve School Grades with Hooked On Phonics Reading Systems
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Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read
If your child needs practice sounding out words or stumbles over words like bring, skate, and crowd when he reads aloud, Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read can help him develop reading fluency and challenge him with progressive reading improvement up to a 3rd-grade level.

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader
If your child can easily read words like bring, skate, and crowd, Hooked on Phonics Master Reader can help him develop advanced phonics skills and take him up to a 6th-grade reading level. Computer required for this program. (Not Macintosh compatible)

Hooked on Phonics Classic
If your child is 9 or older and cannot read words like bring, skate, and crowd, Hooked on Phonics Classic can help him develop reading fluency. Hooked on Phonics Classic can help get your child's reading on track. No computer required for this program. Click here to learn more.

Hooked on Phonics can work with even the tightest schedule! Hooked on Phonics recommend spending just 20 minutes a night, 3 times a week using the program with your child. The Hooked on Phonics program breaks up the learning process into bite-sized chunks that make it easy to do a little at a time - or a lot.

But the best part is what happens with the time. Many parents tell Hooked on Phonics that using the Hooked on Phonics program becomes a special time during the day, one that both they and their children look forward to. Spend just 1 hour a week, and see how you can help your child gain confidence in reading and boost self-esteem.

Hookedonphonics: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program For Children

Everything you need...all in one program
The Hooked on Phonics 5 color-coded levels will take your child through learning letter sounds and short vowels, beginning blends, ending blends, long vowels, and challenging combinations. The Hooked on Phonics parent's guide tells you everything you need to get started.

Because kids learn in different ways, the levels include a variety of multisensory tools that appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners:

Musical audiotapes and flash cards introduce the sounds letters make and how to combine sounds to form words. The friendly voice on each musical audiotape guides you every step of the way.

Hooked on Phonics Workbooks help your child learn to sound out words with different letter-sound patterns. They also include stories and games to help keep it fun.

Interactive CD-ROM in Level 1 lets children play engaging activities that reinforce what they've just learned and builds a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Hooked on Phonics books bring the words to life and create a personal library of 50 magical books. Each was uniquely developed, using words from the program, to create a successful reading experience.

Helper Word and Word Play cards introduce useful words your child needs to know and give your child practice spelling words in interactive ways.

Posters and reward stickers help motivate your child to keep reading. Each story or book completed means a new sticker on the chart!

Hooked On Phonics - How To Improve School Grades with Hooked On Phonics Reading Systems

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