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SBC Download | SBC Sign-Up | SBC High-Speed Internet Access | High Speed DSL SBC Software
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SBC, the nation's number one DSL Internet provider and Yahoo!, the number one global Internet brand, have teamed up to give you the Internet in a personalized way. Have fun online and get more Internet exactly when you want it. SBC Yahoo! DSL delivers high-speed broadband Internet connectivity to homes and businesses. What does this mean to you? See for yourself!

SBC Company Profile

- Has the strongest balance sheet in the industry
- Is the second largest local service provider in the U.S.
- Makes multi-year, multi-billion-dollar investments to develop new technologies
- Yahoo! internet services alliances - Is the market leader in high-speed DSL Internet access service
- Has been rated the world's most admired telecommunications company for the past 5 years by Fortune magazine.
Through SBC subsidiaries, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services to address the specific needs of individual businesses and consumers. SBC is America's leading provider of high-speed DSL Internet access service, and one of the nation's leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

SBC companies currently have more than 60 million access lines nationwide. SBC also has a 60 percent equity interest in Cingular Wireless, its joint venture with BellSouth, which serves more than 21 million wireless customers.

SBC DSL Internet: SBC Internet DSL You'll Surf The Web For Less! SBC

Connection speeds for SBC DSL Internet Service typically range from 384Kbps to 1.544Mbps downstream and 128Kbps upstream. In addition, a DSL line allows for one line to carry both voice and data signals, and for the data part of the line to be continuously connected, so you can talk on your phone line at the same time you're surfing the Internet. SBC Yahoo! DSL is faster than ever!

SBC Download | SBC Sign-Up | SBC High-Speed Internet Access | High Speed DSL SBC Software

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